Q&A with Julia Freyer (Judy)

What’s tall, funny and smiles all over? Judy Turner of course! But those descriptors could just as easily be applied to the wonderful young actress who has been playing that role in A Chorus Line since October, Julia Freyer. Julia has a side-splitting take on one of the more outspoken characters on the line and she shares here what she will miss most about embodying this loveable goofball night after night. She also reveals her love for all things Billy Joel, iPhone and, yes, Zefron. Sounds about right!


Julia Freyer


Number 23, Judy Turner!

Describe your favorite song / scene / moment in A Chorus Line.

There are so many beautiful moments! I love the “Ballet Blaze” - the moment in At The Ballet when as the music swells, Maggie reaches her big, gorgeous vocal moment, the mirrors flip around, the lights change and all of us on the line turn front and do a hot few counts of ballet. I also love the “And here we go….” moment at the end of the opening after we give Larry our headshots. Breathe, adjust the leotard, wipe the forehead sweat, deeper breath and hit the logo pose!

Judy Turner must be a very enjoyable character to play night after night. What aspect of her will you miss the most when you finish the tour?

I am going to miss Judy as a human being - she is this positive ray of light on the line. I am totally, 100% happy when I am in Judy Turner mode. I think a great deal of that is due to the fact she is such a genuine person. Judy always THROWS herself fully into everything she does and when it backfires, she has the ability to laugh at herself. I LOVE that about her. I also think Judy is awed by each person at the audition and wants everyone to succeed… so to be honest, I am going to miss having “front row seats” to everyone’s audition!! Also, I’m going to miss standing pigeon-toed and knock-kneed… it’s been fun trying to figure out how many ways I can contort my ankles!

Your Tina Turner is funnier than any we have ever seen. From where did you draw your spot-on Tina impersonation?

The first day of rehearsal I just pictured Tina Turner in my head from “Diva” specials on VH1 and tried my best to imitate the way she throws her body around. Baayork had to rein me in… a little too much Proud Mary was pouring out of me.

What was the funniest thing that happened to you on or offstage on the tour?

Gosh, I laugh a lot. Erica Cenci falling off the hotel bed in Reno due to a bad case of the burps was a good laugh. Also, Paul Flanagan’s morning bed-head brings me great amounts of joy.

Which was your favorite stop on the tour and why?

Early on in tour, we played Penn State University (my alma mater!). It was THE BEST DAY. A bunch of my best friends / classmates came back to PSU from New York on the Megabus to see the show. At night, A Chorus Line performed in the theatre on campus my friends and I used to see tours at while we were still in school. I was pinching myself before the show to believe it was actually happening! The show was totally bizarre, out of body and an incredibly special experience. After the show, I took the cast out to experience a little Penn State night-life… one cast member was quoted to say, “Penn State is the new Vegas.”

Name one item you could not have lived without while on the road.

My mom and my boyfriend. But since they aren’t items, I’ll go with my iPhone. I judge myself so harshly for choosing technology! But, it’s made staying in contact with everyone from home so much easier. Plus, “Words with Friends” helps pass time on the bus, the “Yelp” application helps find anything we need in each new city AND my iPhone allows me to “like” Facebook statuses in such a timely manner!!

If you could go back in time and catch any Broadway show what would it be and why?

Movin’ Out! It wasn’t that long ago, but it is my all-time favorite… if I could time travel, I would just sit in the theatre and watch it over and over again because it makes me so happy. There is something about the combination of Twyla Tharp direction / choreography set to the tune of Billy Joel music that just is IT. I would kill to just step, touch in the back of a Movin’ Out production.

What is your favorite showtune and why?

Oh, it always changes! A constant favorite is “Johanna” from Sweeney Todd—but like the 3rd time it is sung in the show (I fondly call it “Track 5”) when everyone (Sweeney, Anthony, Johanna, the Beggar Woman) joins in. It’s dramatic musical theatre gold. My friends and I like to sing along to it in the car and play every role… CITY ON FIREEEEEE!

What are the top five most listened to songs on your iPod?

They are all mellow lately because my iPod is always on when I sleep on the bus…
1. “Vienna” by Billy Joel
2. “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles
3. “Stop This Train” by John Mayer (the “Where The Light Is” version)
4. “Set Fire to the Rain” by Adele (the boys in our show turned me onto her new CD… AMAZING)
5. “So Far Away” by Carole King

Do you have any pop culture guilty pleasures?

Zac Efron.

The world is dying to know… what are your plans for after A Chorus Line?

First, I am going grocery shopping… I miss quality time in the kitchen so much!

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